photos by Claudia Ruff

GIGI, with the g's pronounced as in guitar, was born as Christian Haudej in Austria where he started playing bass in a punk rock band by the age of fifteen and later on received a master's degree in jazz-guitar before moving to Berlin and intensifying his interest in experimental electronic and complex-rhythm based music.

Within the breakcore-niche he was an active part of the Berlin music scene, teaming up with DHR-artist Christoph de Babalon to form the duo 'Übergang' which released on the Detroit based 'Low Res Records'-label.

From 2014 on he has used the alias inaud1bl3 and for the first time since his punk-rock days sung his own lead vocals. Since 2019 he has released 6 albums and 2 e.p.'s on the 'generate and test' label of Austrian computer-music pioneers 'farmers manual'.

inaud1bl3 has upgraded from music genius to sound sorcerer over the years and 'The Second Coming' is his first release using the name GIGI. The slightly over 26 minutes short album is tightly packed with content and compressed to the essential but still leaves space for breathing.

Being aware of being part of a collective, GIGI does deep meaningful philosophical summaries of the fundamental principles of brain mechanics and heart emotions. They are derived from his individual experience, through alchemistic autodidactism, and get combined with detailed descriptions of this personal experience to form the lyrics.

'being in love is the reason'

GIGI sings in English and the performance ranges from heartfelt whispering through melodic narrations to energetic shouting. The driving, rhythmically accentuated and, at times, expressive and emotional lead vocals are backed up by elaborated self-harmonizing or angelic choirs that can also be spiced up by some demonic voices occasionally. There are several catchy hooks and earworms on the album that will immediately make you want to sing along.

Based on the more than thousand ideas in a sound-diary that were collected over a half year, on 'The Second Coming' GIGI's unstoppable inner flow of intuitive inspiration is very selectively turned into 9 smashing pophit-songstructure-based bangers that more often than not rise at the end with climaxing chorus repetitions. They are composed with the approach of keeping it simple, arranged with love for detail, produced to modern standards and not seldomly derive a subtle complexity from the danceable usage of odd-meter rhythms.

'And The Universe Does The Rest' is the first pre-release single from the album 'The Second Coming'

'The Meaning Of Life' is the second pre-release single from the album 'The Second Coming'

'vice' from the album 'weltformel'

'Dein Herz klopft an' is rereleased on 'Being In Love Is The Reason And The Universe Does The Rest ep'

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photos by Claudia Ruff

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